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I am pragmatic, principled, and collaborative in my life decisions. I ran in the 2014 Pemberton municipal election. I knocked on the public’s doors to hear what mattered to them. I was consecutively elected as Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President for two years each in my local union. I helped negotiate two collective agreements, but what I really enjoyed was supporting community members on the front lines.
It would be an honor and privilege to represent the residents of Courtenay. As a progressive candidate, policy creating an inclusive community is a central part of my campaign. Improving the quality of life for all Courtenay residents is priority. When we listen in community, knowledge is gained. When we learn in community, action takes place. When we lead in community, positive facilitation occurs. These qualities create a strong, healthy, and vibrant society to live in. I take the role as councilor seriously, especially since my new-born daughter’s future is paramount to me. The fact citizens would put their trust in me, means I must be a representative with the highest degree of integrity. I am a leader with a vision. Progressive politics embracing new ideas, governing in a good way, and ensuring community health is at the heart of my candidacy. And remember to mark election day on your calendars!

October 20, 2018 Election Day:








In order to achieve all the things I am determined to as a Courtenay City councilor, I need your support!


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“genuinely empathetic, compassionate, and responsive”

“Kiyoshi is so genuinely empathetic, compassionate, and responsive. He has devoted many years of caring service to his community and is in it for the long haul, for the greater good.”


Sean Lymworth

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