About me

Now is the time to make serious changes to the different components of society. Social and economic issues are all interconnected. Looking at these issues as individual pieces has not produced the changes we need for a sustainable future. I believe in grassroots collaboration. I am a candidate who will have boots on the ground to work alongside you for a brighter future. Communities possess the wisdom of “place” and the people in it enrich our lives!

Your vote, our community, your representative
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The Issues
Your Vote, Our Community, Your Representative


Education is our most precious resource in creating a strong society.


Commitment to meaningful nation to nation relationships.

Electoral Reform

Ensuring every person has a voice.


Small business is an integral part of our communities economic success.


Energy justice means investment in a green economy, so our children have a future.

BC Ferries

Bring BC Ferries back into the ministry of transportation.

Affordable Housing

supportive long term solutions for affordable housing.

Health Care

No matter what your age is, we all get to participate, contribute, and experience the world around us, that’s public health care.

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