Dear constituents,

img_1030-squareI’d like to introduce myself. I am Kiyoshi Kosky and I am seeking the NDP nomination for Courtenay-Comox on January 14, 2017. It would be a privilege to have the opportunity to demonstrate why I would be the best representative for you.

Who I am

I am a passionate, youthful, and energetic person who has worked with children in the public education system for the last ten years. My wife and I chose to live in the Comox Valley because of family, outdoor recreation, the ocean, and the warm welcoming community.

I grew up on Cortes Island where I learned strong listening skills and how to collaborate across differences while building strong relationships. I was taught that spirituality is the practice of how well we treat each other and the mutual respect created in relationship. My Cortes Island community celebrated each other by dancing and playing music. The emphasis was on culture, connection to the land, and a way of life that was in balance with itself. We created economy by the goods people produced on the island and tourism. I learned that economy can occur from the distribution of wealth being created by communities, rather than corporate wealth that only benefits a few. I am a principled and pragmatic man, given the opportunity, we will bring reverence and discernment back to the political system.

Political Background

When I was a child, I drew a picture of several stick people in a group and when asked about my drawing, I replied that I was ‘leading the people’. I have a long held passion to lead by example. In Pemberton, BC, I ran in the 2014 municipal election and knocked on ¾ of the public’s doors to hear what mattered to them. I spent a term as steward in my local union, and then I was consecutively elected as Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President for two years each. It was during my union time that I was compelled to help people be heard. I helped negotiate two collective agreements without concessions and held the employer accountable, but what I really enjoyed was supporting members on the front lines.

I started participating in community activism as a child when the Klahoose First Nation asked the community to step in to stop destructive industrial logging on their unceded territory. I finished that process as an adult 20 years later when Island Timberlands came to the the same cut block and were prevented from finishing the job. I believe in forestry jobs, not industrialized forestry that leaves minimal benefit to our community and uses herbicide on the forest floor.

I helped organize a successful campaign that stopped an Independent Power Project, avoiding more debt to British Columbians. I’ve worked alongside our First Nation partners in education to raise their territorial flags alongside the Canadian flags at Whistler secondary and I look forward to keeping my boots on the ground and working alongside you for an inclusive BC.

Communities possess the wisdom of “place” and the people in it enrich our lives.

Your vote, our community, your representative.


Kiyoshi Kosky

It is an honour to live, work, and campaign on the unceded territory of the K’omoks First Nation.