Affordable housing

Our province has a housing crisis. Much attention is being garnered by urban areas such as Vancouver and Victoria. Courtenay-Comox is facing the same emergency. With a vacancy of 0.5% and rental rates rising, it is difficult for people to find housing across the socio-economic spectrum. Workers on the front line tell me families in our community must often wait to get into subsidized housing for years. I will advocate for change in this province. Our community needs supportive housing, to shelter those most marginalized that are unable to maintain market housing on their own. There is ample research that shows it is more affordable to pay now and house people, than to pay later in costs related to court, policing, and health care. It is unacceptable that there are people dying on our streets from preventable causes such as poverty in a province as rich as this. I will spend the time engaging the front line workers to properly address the systemic challenges that block solutions. The cost to everyone by not appropriately addressing this situation is far greater than a long term plan that involves investment in affordable housing, and investing in our people. I am in a place of privilege and I am responsible to use that privilege for the improvement of people’s lives.