BC Ferries

I would support bringing BC ferries back into the ministry of transportation. I would also support the repeal of legislation that caused this crown corporation to become semi-privatized. This will allow the BC government to have complete governance over BC ferries again, since the corporation is subsidized by British Columbians. While the BC ferry executives take our tax dollars, they have minimal responsibility to the communities they serve. We have been misinformed for too long on the need to pay top executives, huge amounts of tax dollars, in order to guarantee their quality of work. This has been used repeatedly to justify the Liberal Government’s lucrative deals and contracts to political friends. Trickle down economics is a guise to continue to keep people in positions of wealth and power on the backs of British Columbians.

Bringing BC ferries back into an appropriate governance structure is an important issue for our community because of our membership and tourism. We have community members who work for BC Ferries and individuals who work in our community while living on the Gulf Islands. As well, tourism is a vital industry in Courtenay-Comox that is growing and is heavily impacted by the governance of BC Ferries.