Post Secondary

I believe the provincial government should allow post secondary institutions to take loans and build affordable student housing. The Liberal Government’s refusal to allow this process to occur contributes to the problem of affordable housing in our communities while burdening students with the high cost of rent. Access to higher education cannot be based on classist restriction. We must invest in our vulnerable people and bring them into the fold by reinstating the tuition freeze.


Education is our most precious resource in creating a strong society. The truth is education costs money. We can redirect the subsidization of certain private schools receiving tax dollars and shift those resources to the public school system. We can amend the Public School Act to restore local autonomy to school boards. We need support staff, administrators, and teachers to have the time for collaboration. We can foster an environment that decreases the combative interactions between employer and employee in the public school system. We can Increase the individual attitude of value towards support staff and their integral role in the education system. It is in our education systems interest to comprehend all the reasons why students cannot meet the requirements of their grade level. Operating from a position of blame is counterproductive; therefore, we need to operate from a place of positive regard and build a strong system full of solutions. One solution, with the BCTF Supreme Court win, is to completely restore in good faith class size and composition collective agreement language. This will also increase Support staff, so EA’s can properly address the needs of students. In consultation with indigenous stakeholders, we need to continue the partnership in education and create more enhancement agreements to build nation to nation relationships. The new collaborative learning model is a better approach to critical thinking, as long as we still require proficiency testing to ensure students can demonstrate understanding. The Liberal Government’s continued public attacks on teachers has been destructive to the whole process of education. It strips teachers of dignity in their profession and undermines parental support for education. We need to return to the model of catchment areas for students, so what school you go to does not dictate the quality of education. Every child has the right to the best education possible.