The BC Hydro utility commission used to be the authority on whether energy projects were in the public’s interest. The utilities authority was taken away by the Liberal Government and given to themselves. Climate justice will not be achievable for our children’s future, if we continue to let politicians forward their own agendas supported by the fossil fuel industry campaign donations. For these reasons, I will fight to ban raw log export and end old growth logging on Vancouver Island, as passed by resolution of the UBCM. I will hold the Federal Government’s feet to the fire to implement the promised legislation ban on tanker traffic on the west coast. I will stand in opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Water is life on earth for humans and we must protect the sacred. Eighty percent of freshwater systems are currently being impacted by humans. Our communities decide what happens to our Freshwater, not Nestle. For this reason I believe; in implementing proper freshwater regulations, banning the use of neonic pesticides, and stopping the forestry industry from funding and using the Sustainable Forestry Initiative label. This allows them to continue harvesting old growth forests. I also support transitioning communities drinking watersheds to municipality ownership to protect them. We could use the BC Expropriation Act for watershed protection.

Energy justice means investing in a green economy, so our children have a future. I would stand in opposition to site C dam which is in violation of Treaty 8 First Nations. Instead, we can invest in geothermal alternatives, wind, solar, and tidal. Biodiversity in our environment is crucial to the health of human beings. It creates pollination of crops, creates and maintains soil composition for nutrients in human food, maintains riparian vegetation to control flooding, and combats climate change with carbon storage.

We can stop giving subsidies to the fossil fuel industry and put it towards creating a green economy. Over 200 scientific organizations, including the WTO, are warning about severe consequences in food security, political stability, and the health of civilization from continuation of the fossil fuel industry. The fossil fuel math shows indisputably that the continued use will triple atmospheric carbon and will not abate for 10,000 years. The Prince Rupert LNG project will be one of the largest contributors to climate change in BC. This project also threatens one of the most productive salmon habitats in BC. Our salmon is in decline, so I will support all fish farms becoming land based operations. We only get one chance to protect our children’s future, the time is now!