Health Care

I strongly support public health care. We are blessed to have a public health care system. I do not support parking fees at hospitals and the continued use of the P3 model for hospital construction. The P3 model allows the private sector to have long term control of public assets, even though British Columbians pay for it. The Health care system provides dignity for our loved ones. It maintains a healthy quality of life for British Columbians. I have also witnessed its current failings. It is one of the most painful experiences I have gone through. We need research and development for diseases like Alzheimer’s and parkinson’s. We need funding to support people caring for their loved ones, so our caregivers and loved ones have a dignified process. We can bring evolution to the the health care system, without eroding this public asset. Seniors continue to contribute to our families and communities, so taking care of their needs is the least we can do. No matter what your age is, we all get to participate, contribute, and experience the world around us, that’s public health care.