We can adopt the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous people’s. The intent of the UN declaration requires consent of Indigenous people for activities in their unceded territories. I was concerned to learn that the implementation of this document, being put into the Canadian constitution, only requires consultation with Indigenous people. It is time for the political system to stop lying and cheating our First Nations People (Please see article below by Diablo, R. for more information).

We must implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations and I am a candidate that takes that responsibility very seriously. The BC government must respect and honour the understanding of free, prior and informed consent from Indigenous Nations to move forward on anything that falls within their unceded territories.

We have a crisis happening in child welfare in this province. There are more indigenous children in care than at the height of the 60s scoop. Collaboration with Indigenous leadership is needed to reduce the number of children in care and strengthen our communities. I look forward to a nation to nation relationship based on meaningful actions and outcomes, not just words. A first Nations educator, Jo Chrona, states that achieving true reconciliation between settlers and Indigenous peoples has to involve our public education system. She recommends a mandatory first nations course that all students take in the K-12 curriculum and the development of territorial language courses to preserve them.

Indigenous Nations are tired of lip service from politicians, I commit to being an ally who will walk alongside Indigenous nations in our communities to bring meaningful change.

Diablo, R. (2016)