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Read the latest news and events from Kiyoshi Kosky and his campaign to become a Courtenay City Councilor.


Platform: Passion

working to increase your Quality of life Family & Community I am grateful to Courtenay residents for the opportunity to represent them on council. I believe in people. Since I was a child, this theme has been constant in my life. My interpersonal skills will...

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Platform: Kus-kus-sum

working to increase your Quality of life Unpave Paradise Estuaries are among the most productive habitats on Earth containing rich biodiversity. The Courtenay Estuary once contained all five species of salmon. The Comox Valley is traditionally known as “the land of...

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Government Working Together I have connected with NDP MP Gord Johns and we have spoken about the positive work we can do.  It's vital that government on the federal level works with municipalities on pressing issues such as affordable housing.

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Platform: Dog parks

working to increase your Quality of life More Courtenay Dog Parks I have been able to connect with dog owners and gain valuable insight into what Courtenay can do to support dog owners. I have witnessed the therapeutic relationship between a person and their dog....

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Platform: Old Thrifty’s Site

working to increase your Quality of life Revitalization of the Downtown Core Currently, there is a passionate group of Comox Valley citizens working on advancing a bold vision for Courtenay’s downtown core. In this collaborative, long-term vision, the community would...

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Platform: Wood stoves

working to increase your Quality of life Air Quality Effects Us All The City of Courtenay plays an integral role in facilitating and contributing to clean air in the valley. Clean air is a community issue requiring a collective, collaborative, and long-term solution....

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