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Aug 2, 2018 | Blog, News and Events |

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Art and Culture Enrich our Lives

Comox Valley Arts is creating a statement of advocacy making the case for the significance of arts and culture, and the creative community’s desire to work closely with government and stakeholders to ensure continued and sustainable support for arts and culture in keeping with the growing needs of our communities.

Adil Amlani

Vice President, Comox Valley Arts Council

After consulting with one of the Comox Valley Arts Council members, it was brought to my attention funding the base operations can be a struggle. I propose we fund the base operations from the Gaming Reserve Fund. The Official Community Plan speaks to the historical support and the need for continued support as a center piece of the community.

I recently attended the Kumugwe Cultural Society’s opening presentation of “Potlatch 67–67: An Indigenous Art Showcase in the Comox Valley.” This collaboration between First Nations and non-First Nations community members is a testament to the power of reconciliation through art and culture. Comox Valley citizens can understand the past and present effects of continued colonization. Students from Courtenay and Campbell River school districts will be touring the exhibition with curriculum built around it. The power to heal and move forward together requires action like this. The power to create change and express yourself can never be underestimated. Arts and Culture must be supported to keep our community healthy and heal past experiences. We can lobby our other neighbouring governments to share the cost of funding the base operations. The base funding of Comox Valley Arts Council meets the Regional Growth Strategy Goals. Public Health and Safety goal is met. Funding the base operation of Comox Valley Arts Council is congruent with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Canada has committed to fulfilling these goals.

Local is Global

Base funding for the Comox Valley Arts Council aligns with the following The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

      1. Good health and well-being
      2. Quality education
      3. Reduced inequalities
      4. Sustainable cities and communities


Representing Courtenay Residents on Council
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