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Aug 14, 2018 | Blog, News and Events

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Unpave Paradise

Estuaries are among the most productive habitats on Earth containing rich biodiversity. The Courtenay Estuary once contained all five species of salmon. The Comox Valley is traditionally known as “the land of plenty.” This is especially recognized by the K’ómoks  First Nation and is central to their regional identity. The K’ómoks Estuary is second to the Fraser River Estuary in supporting migratory birds in BC’s part of the Pacific Flyway. The estuary remains in the top 5 of only 8 class 1 sites in BC. The long-term benefits are valuable to Comox Valley Residents. The official Community Plan calls for action on climate change and mitigation measures to deal with it. The knowledge is clear – unless we act, this precious asset to the Comox Valley will be lost. The City of Courtenay is a third partner in the Kus Kus Sum project, along with the K’ómoks First Nation and Project Watershed. The full restoration of the old Field Sawmill site will create cleaner air and water. It will mitigate flood risk in the downtown core. It will help buffer extreme weather events caused by convergences of high tide, heavy rains, and storm surges. City officials view this project as a cost-effective benefit to aging infrastructure and ecosystem decline. We must view our natural assets as just as important as brick and mortar.   I support the purchase and rehabilitation of the old saw mill site. The community has collaboratively worked hard to gain support across the Comox Valley. I propose we make a one-time donation from the Gaming Reserve Fund to support the acquisition of this site. It provides improvement to the biodiversity of the Courtenay Estuary and raises the quality of life for people in the Comox Valley. If the province sees the municipality taking a strong financial role, then the chance of provincial dollars contributing to this project is increased. The province has instructed municipalities to create a plan dealing with flood mitigation due to climate change. I do not support a third bridge crossing at this site. The financial support of Kus Kus Sum meets the Regional Growth Strategy Goals of ecosystems, natural areas, and parks, climate change, and public health and safety. The financial support of Kus Kus Sum is congruent with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Canada has committed to fulfilling these goals.

Local is Global

The Kus Kus Sum project call to action meets the following The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

3. Good health and well-being

4. Quality education

11. Sustainable cities and communities

14. Life below water

15. Life on land

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