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Aug 1, 2018 | Blog, News and Events

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Air Quality Effects Us All

The City of Courtenay plays an integral role in facilitating and contributing to clean air in the valley. Clean air is a community issue requiring a collective, collaborative, and long-term solution. The Official Community Plan speaks to solving this issue, with its provisions for improving residents’ quality of life and combating climate change. There are many potential solutions for addressing this important issue, which affects the health and well-being of the citizens of Courtenay. One would be for the municipality to introduce a bylaw for all new builds prohibiting the installation of wood stoves. The issue of transitioning to heating alternatives would require both public consultation and an inventory assessment of wood stoves in the City. Additionally, Courtenay should lobby the Regional District and Province for a complete ban on brush burning in valley. Alternative options for farms and the forestry industry to deal with waste would need to be facilitated. The Regional District, BC government, and BC Hydro offer subsidies to switch to heat pumps. Cumberland, CVRD, and Comox should be lobbied to adopt the same policy. Finding a solution to the issue of wood smoke would align perfectly with the Regional Growth Strategy goals of public health and safety and addressing climate change at the local level. The wood stove solution is also congruent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which Canada has committed to fulfilling.

Local is Global

My proposed wood stove solution aligns with the following The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Good health and wellbeing
  2. Affordable and clean energy
  3. Responsible consumption and production
  4. Climate action
  5. Life on land


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